Once upon a time a modeller was looking at a HO Scale locomotive, it wasn’t an exceptional model, simply a DCC powered SOO SD-60 with a flashing Strato-Lite rotary beacon using a 1.0mm X 0.5mm  X 0.5mm LED on the roof. After looking at it for a while in the way that modellers do, he said, “You know I’d pay money for a beacon like that.”

Thus was born Aberdeen Car Shops. We started with LED powered rotary beacons, and then expanded our line to include decal setsWe also provide on a limited basis custom decaling, lighting and decoder installations for model railroads. To purchase our products please contact one of our dealers or use our on-line store.

Why is the Company name Aberdeen Car Shops? Are you Scots?

Well yes in my families past I am Scots on my father's side, but the company is named for the Aberdeen Avenue car shops of the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway.

Have you used our any of our products? If so we'd love to see photographs of your work! Feel free to send them to us so we can share them with other modellers, don't forget to include your full name and province or state and some information about your work.